Interactive video, projected
dimensions vary
built with Processing

Your credit cards. Your driver’s license. Your library card. Your Blockbuster card.

We live in a society in which it is normal to carry our identities, encoded in plastic, with us wherever we go. Purchasing everyday items, checking out books, going out to eat and drink, we trust this information with countless strangers over the course of our lives.

What exactly is encoded in our cards? How is this information processed and used? Is it used for one transaction and then discarded? Or is it stored for future use? How would we know?

Go ahead. Swipe anything. Your information is safe with me.

With Swipe, viewers are able to swipe any card with a magnetic strip, and see what information it holds. The data is displayed; then dispersed and transformed to create collage of all participants’ information. Time slowly fades the characters.

Installed at Es Oro Polymedia, Jersey City, NJ, September 2009 (Video)